Hugo's House of Horror

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Gray Design Horror Text based

Memorable even for those with high standards

Hugo's House of Horrors is one of the most popular adventure game of the 90s! You will be attracted even from the start by the colorful and beautiful animations and graphics! You play as Hugo, and your mission is to rescue your girlfriend who works as a babysitter in a haunted and strange house. This house represents a real threat, since it is inhabited by monsters. The puzzles are decent and very easy, but the general impression towards this game will be quite positive, because this game has its own particular charm. It will be considered nice and memorable even for those that have high standards when it comes to classic adventure games. You will control Hugo with the keyboard, typing commands. For example, for entering a room, you have to type the corresponding moving command. Tight spaces can be a bit difficult to surpass, so, the control system is strange at times. Don't forget to save your progress, because you will die if you don't pay enough attention. The game's duration is short, I remember I finished it in about an hour. As soon you enter the house you will encounter various odd looking characters, for example: a mad scientist, a hungry dog, and a host of repellent dinner party guests. Until you reach your lover, you will gather clues and objects that will help you find the place where she is being kept prisoner. No matter if you are a young player, or an adult seeking for a retro feel, this game will bring you joy!

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