Hugo 2: Who Dunnit?

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Gray Design Horror

Very British, very shareware, weird fun all the way!

Well, when your game uses stock clip art from Microsoft MS Paint, I guess you're a bit in trouble, unless that's some sort of modern day comment on the values of free software?! Who am I kidding, it's no such thing, its just a rip off, a blatant one, hehe! Well, what can I say, the series was shareware, that is free and I don't know how much you can ask of it. The Hugo character is a really strange creature, on one hand ready to go save his mistress, on the other just as happy to slumber around his home. But, honestly, that girl of his, was just a big tease, rescue her and all you get is a colloquial thank you and bye. Yap, I'm rambling, and I'm at a loss for words to actually present this title for you because it's the kind that is slippery, like sand in your hands; saying it's a nasty adventure would not be an understatement, given that it almost features no proper puzzles, nor anything more notable to do in it, but nonetheless it is not broken. Graphically it is cacophonous, with portions that look like the scribbling of some autistic child, while other portions may look a bit better (until you find out they were ripped from other games!) but the reality is, you have to admire these games simply because of their history. Because they represent a very interesting stage in British PC gaming, and in a way hold a small and yet significant key to that weird British humor, part ignoble, part clumsily irksome but mostly jolly though unsettling. Well, go play the entire roundup of the House of Horrors! Maybe you too will learn something about the great British nation!

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