Voodoo Island

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Horror Text based

Interactive fiction bound on a faraway isle!

A certain evil (how else?!) doctor Beauvias has put his mind into turning an isolated island into his own little abode of evil/ But, where evil and baddies abound, there, a hero, in the form of a player wielding the power of the keyboard and interacting in this cool IF build, can put an end to it all. Granted, the game is nowhere as interesting as the premise sounds and is riddled by all sort of issues, from a parser build that is just not that great to lots of frustrating moments, where you can't quite find the words to see your puzzles solved. At any rate, Voodoo Island plays alright, if you have a walkthrough around and if you are not immune to the beauty of parser games, the kind that suggest a world brimful with occult and enchanted apparitions, such as is the Gabriel Knight series. Nonetheless, all of those considerations aside, Voodoo Island is mostly a well playable game in that particular realm, and will certainly keep you entertained too, even if it is inches away from total aggravation at times!

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