Adventure 1989 Dos Mastertronic Text based Myth and legend

Solid adventuring package

As you might expect from a game named Trilogy, there are actually three titles to enjoy here and while none of them is individually stunning, as a package, this is pretty decent stuff. The three games are all interactive adventures of the text and graphics variety, similar to the likes of Guild of Thieves. First up is Venom, which is very much a middling affair that is worth a brief look. It tells a fairly typical fantasy tale, full of evil wizards, great heroes and bold but naive adventurers and is pretty formulaic stuff on the whole. Commands can be entered by keyboard or joystick and it's largely a case of exploring the usual environments and solving the occasional puzzle. Kobayashi Maru is perhaps the weakest entry here, with its garishly crude visuals and its fairly simple story which requires little more than collecting a few objects and solving some none-too-clever puzzles. Shard of Inovar is the best game on offer, with a well realised fantasy setting, complex background and plot and some challenging puzzles. The visuals are again not exactly stunning, but they are certainly charming in that old-school fashion, with plenty of nicely drawn environments to explore. If you do enjoy your text adventures, this certainly isn't a bad package to pick up. Each adventure should keep even hardened veterans going for a while, even if the puzzles aren't the best the genre has to offer. As mentioned, none of the games here is a classic but in terms of value you can't go far wrong. Newcomers to the genre should find these titles quite accessible, so if you are curious, you could do worse than start here.

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