Ice Puzzle Deluxe

Puzzle 2006 Windows Alawar Entertainment Casual Minigame Arcade

It's a bit nippy out

There seems to be no end to the sheer number of tile-matching games out on the market and although many of them differ very little from one another, there seems to be no letting up in their appeal. If you really need to play another one because you love them so much, then Ice Puzzle is worth a look, but it really doesn't offer anything that a million other titles don't. For the most part, this is exactly the same as all those other games, in that you're trying to match gems in order to make them disappear so you can rack up points. However, this one doesn't require you to move individual gems but instead you have to move the entire row so you can get lines of three of more. If you've played Chuzzle Deluxe, you'll know pretty much what to expect but if you haven't, the slight difference might mean this is worth playing. You've got three main modes to try out, these being Quest, which is played against a time limit; Relax which is the same but without the time limit; and Logic, which requires you to manipulate the gems so that they match a pre-defined layout. Like most of the games in this genre, this one is certainly bright and colorful, making it quite appealing to the eye, especially with all the attractive ice-themed animals and so on which adorn the screen. The gameplay is basically the same old stuff despite the slight change in the core mechanics so you could argue that this is entirely inconsequential and unoriginal, and indeed, you wouldn't be far from the truth. However, the gameplay is still quite compelling, so if you've got fifteen minutes to spare, it might be worth a look.

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