Act of War: Direct Action

Strategy 2005 Windows ak tronic Software & Services Alternate History War Action

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Although it's not that well know, Act of War is actually a very good real-time strategy game that reminds you of the good old days of the original Command & Conquer titles. It combines a great storyline with high production values and challenging, varied gameplay to create a thoroughly rewarding experience that is well worth picking up. In the near future, America finds itself in crisis, thanks to a worldwide oil shortage that has left the economy in tatters. Taking advantage of this, terrorists are now attacking their once mighty enemy so it falls to you, in control of a newly created task force called Talon, to stop them before it's too late. The gameplay really is classic RTS stuff, with a number of complex missions to complete and which need sound military tactics as well as careful planning of resources. The missions will take you all across the world, from Texas to the Middle East and London, while each level features destructible environments that can be manipulated to your advantage. As far as proper RTS games go, this is actually one of the better examples out there and if you have any interest in the genre, it should be in your collection. There's a near perfect blend of action and strategy here, with all the various elements beautifully balanced and handled. It's also backed up by some excellent visuals which are detailed and highly atmospheric, while the story is gripping and frighteningly plausible. Throw in some challenging and highly addictive missions and you're left with a near classic.

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