Imperial Space Command

Strategy 1986 Dos Empire management Science Fiction

4X space conquest for up to 8 players

This is a game of space exploration, colonization and, eventually total conquest, in which you can play by yourself against the PC, or you can play with your friends, for up to 8 players trying to take over the known universe at any one time! As with all 4X games, you have to first establish a level of economic control, so that you will be capable of roam new areas of space and have a go at colonizing and taking over new planetary systems. It is a long game, and, if you play with up to 8 players, you can expect to spend long hours toiling over your strategy. The game doesn't look too remarkable, as it is a child of the mid 80s. However, compared to previous versions of it, that were released even earlier for the TRS-80 and early IBM computers, this one has a bit more graphical elements, to offer the game more to go, rather than the very primitive paper and pen on the PC that it was at inception. So, at any rate, if you don't mind graphical minimalism, than within this game you can be sure to have a really good time. Play it in DosBox, and make sure you reduce the speed of execution, as this one was designed for really slow PCs! A good alternative to Imperial Space Command is X³: Reunion, if you'd like a modern, graphically superior version of it's core gameplay.

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