Space Conquest

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox Starsoft Development Laboratories Galactic War Empire management Science Fiction

Neat retro sci-fi strategy game

Anyone who has enjoyed games like Starships Unlimited or Homeworld might be interested in checking out Space Conquest, as it stands nicely as a truly retro sci-fi strategy game. While undeniably crude in comparison to the likes of these more advanced empire-building games, it remains a fascinating history lesson for nostalgia buffs. Players are thrust into the far future and given command of their own spacecraft with which to explore the galaxy. However, standing in your way are the Mancer, an alien race with their own plans for galactic domination. Tasked by your bosses at the Association of Solar Systems with removing the threat, you must first establish colonies on various planets and then enlist their help to engage in combat with the Mancer. You can create teams of custom crew members who will be charged with managing colonies, but not every planet wants to become part of your empire so you must choose your locations wisely if you are to succeed in your mission. Space Conquest really is quite the unexpected gem. Despite its age, it proves to be a surprisingly thoughtful and even exciting little game, with plenty of tense space combat, some nice strategic elements and a fair amount of ambition. The visuals are obviously fairly basic, but manage to retain some charm with nicely detailed sprites, and while sound is a little less than impressive, this can be overlooked and even forgiven. If you are interested in an old-school bit of galactic exploration, this makes for an entertaining adventure and stands as a nice example of the genre.

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