Second Conflict

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Jerry Galloway Empire management Science Fiction

Space strategy with an action portion as well

If you love tactics turn based gameplay and if the void of space is the right kind of setting for you, then you should love this game here: it offers you a fleet to control, fleet which is not too big, only three ships. However, the different capabilities of these ships make it so that you always get just the right amount of strategic options to keep the game playing flowingly,. There is missile launching, there is moving and flanking the enemy (flanking in the sense that you can sneak up on your enemy by becoming invisible) and there are many more options to explore, options that make this game so much more diverse. Now, while the battles are highly developed when it comes to spaceship back and forth, that is by no means the only way the game offers itself up. Nope, there are also battles that are wedged between lower units, but these are handled automatically, so you don't have to worry about them. A similar but rather more diverse game is Worlds at War which you'll find a lot more immersive, if that is what you're looking for. On second thought, if you want to play a long lived campaign, Second Conflict is the way to go because it can last a long time per session and you need not be concerned with it one hundred percent, it is the kind of game you can drop in and out of as you see fit.

Beautiful strategy game

Second Conflict is a round based strategy game. You control 3 types of ships, throw away missiles, system defenses and ground forces. Attack is the name of the game. You want to reunite space. You command forces and receives reports. Score is biased towards ownership of systems and planets. To take them You use fleets with many stealth ships which can fire early in combat. Ground troupes shipped by transports take the planets. To hold systems You need defenses, 25 give You radar, more increase the range, they are cheap. Additionally You need to leave ships to boost morale.In Your systems You can build and destroy all units including the planets and factories. Each moral point and factory gives 1 production point that can be invested in unitsYou send scouts 2 have current info so that you outnumber the enemy at least locally.

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