Psi 5

Strategy 1986 Dos Accolade Science Fiction

Space combat and additional trade n strategy; early but playable

The number of games that seem to have been about combining space battling, with trade and strategy for a good change seems astonishing, really. But, in their defense, they did try and managed to make shooting games a bit more interesting and involving, and for that matter, the truth is that Psi 5 is quite an engaging game, even in spite of its age. Now, sure, a lot of it, graphically, is at the beginning, and so doesn't really create a very palatable experience for those that would have liked a little more graphical oomph. But never mind, if you came here for shooting in space, and don't mind some additional trade and strategy, in a lite envelope, then you'll like this one too. At any rate, whether it is this one, or a later game, say Star Control, the ideas are the same. Shooting is pretty smooth, for an 86 game at least, which is to say that you should not expect great graphics or animations. But it still can connect with you. Else, the controlling of your ship is as intuitive as they got, and also quite arcade. So, with else can I say: play it, if you like incipient 4x and if you'd like a game that contributed to a very popular genre years later.

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