Independence War Deluxe

Action 1999 Windows Atari First Person Science Fiction Simulation Combat Strategy Sci fi

Great fun for Wing commander fans

While ostensibly similar to the likes of star-faring adventures Wing Commander and Freelancer, the Independence War series has managed to transcend its familiar origins and become known as a superb set of games in its own right. This Deluxe version puts the original game alongside an expansion pack and provides a great introduction to the franchise so if you enjoy this, then be sure to check out the sequel, Independence War 2. The first game introduces players to the game's universe, which describes a massive conflict between the Indies, colonists from Earth, and the more powerful Commonwealth. There is a change in focus from the previously mentioned games, with players taking control not a of fast and sleek fighter, but of a massive Commonwealth capital ship which is possessed of immense amounts of firepower but requires some very different skills to command. The main game mode is a campaign with 40 missions available and which can branch depending on the outcome of the previous mission, leading to a few different story conclusions to find. Missions are quite varied and often feature extra elements, like being able to control other ships or special drones, which adds to the challenge and the variety. Defiance, the expansion pack adds in a further campaign which allows you to see the war from the Indie perspective and which adds in a couple of new features like customisable weapons and new ships. Independence War makes for an excellent space combat sim and provides a neat alternative to the usual smaller scale combat we see in this kind of game. The battles are just as epic and satisfying thanks to the sense of awe that comes from commanding a huge ship and which is supported by the fine graphics and dramatic cutscenes. Anyone interested in space opera-style thrills should definitely get acquainted with Independence War.

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