Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos

Action 2001 Windows Atari War Shooter Simulation Strategy Action simulation Sci fi

A great space shooter

After the first Independence War, which was a successful production, the story continues with this action simulation sequel. You play as the son of a murdered miner named Felix, that has to avenge his parent. Here is when you start your futuristic adventure, with the aid of your equipped base and your grandmother's ship. There are 16 star systems, where you will control and fly 4 ships, and unlike the first game, your possibilities are more abundant, as this time you can trade with people or steal their goods.You have to be precise and careful in handling your ships. Another difference is the simpler interface, and a new engine when it comes to graphics. Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos brings everything found in the first game, but in an improved manner. I warn you that the AI is pretty aggressive, especially if you are unexperienced and not used with the combination of keys you have to use. So, take your time and learn them first, and configure them if you want to. You can travel at high speeds through space, and if you lose your path, this thing won't deceive you, because there will be a real pleasure to wander. There is a multiplayer mode for the space shooters maniacs, and their adventure will be enjoyable, as a great soundtrack will accompany them!

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