Simulation 2003 Windows Digital Anvil Flight Futuristic

Wonderful story and characters

FreeLancer is a futuristic space simulator game, the sequel to a combat flight simulator released in 2000. If you choose to play it, the game will offer you an incredible experience! You play as Edison Trent, with the mission to explore some planets to receive useful information, to trade, buy or upgrade ship equipments. Hard times will come for the four factions (Liberty, Rheinland, Kusari and Bretonia). Everything seems excellent at first sight, the game looks very good, the interface is easy, the missions are interesting. But as you proceed, you will discover that the game becomes repetitive, and the options aren't so unlimited as you thought of. Ok, you can go whatever you want, you can trade with whoever you want to, and things are the same when it comes to attacking, but the progress will reduce your freedom. You will receive the same tasks on every planet. But you will be amazed by the numerous locations you can visit in the Universe. You will realize that the game lays emphasis on the control of the weaponry, more than the ship itself. You will have the chance to use and prove your expertise and knowledge when your enemies will attack you unexpectedly. Play Freelancer, because you will stick to it for long hours, mostly because of its wonderful story and characters.

Incredible space game

There is no landing on the planets in the game, and the flight controls are arcade, but the universe used in it is VAST, and the online mod community for it is huge. Graphically, it is impressive as well. Also to note, the game has a difficulty cheat, if you need it... All told, this game can take about 20 hours to complete, on a straight run the first time, but it's worth playing more for the exploratory nature, and the fact that an entire galaxy has been constructed for it.

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