Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Atari Platformer

Not as notable as the adventure games but playable

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a bit of a rip off, it is the kind of game that today would follow a big budget Hollywood release. And, as we all know, these kind of tend to suck. No different here, as the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is not a game to be happy about. It plays as a classic platformer, but damn, it is broken. Say, if the levels would be more polished the game would simply be simple and not too imaginative, but no, in this game, everything is out to get you out of a good mood. The platforms behave as if they have a random element of whether they are stable or not, the enemies assault you without giving you time to negotiate your options and the stiffness of the player character, Indiana, is absolutely game wrecking. Yap, a bad game technically, a bland one in terms of the design and a bit of a wreck, all around. So, you see, the game will not manage to keep you playing and to let you have at least a small breather, as it simply pushes you to the point where it is simply not worth the trouble. So, unless you're in to sample the entire Indi games, rather steer away from this one. A game such as Dangerous Dave, while not too original or imaginative at least is clean in terms of the simple game mechanics that it presents you with, always a great start for any game.

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