Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Richard L. Wright Platformer

Sci-fin fun and games

This rather obscure little science fiction adventure plays out like a mix of such classics as Starquake and Jet Set Willy and although its far from complex stuff, it makes for an entertaining good time. There's probably some background to the whole thing but it's not exactly clear why what's happening is actually going on, although this doesn't really get in the way of having a good time. The game is presented as a side-on, scrolling platform adventure, where you control a weird little alien fellow on an epic quest. You get to explore a fairly extensive series of screens, which are packed with other aliens, platforms, items and puzzles to solve. Items include things like scrolls, keys and a laser gun, which is probably the handiest thing as it allows you to take out the bad guys which get in your way. The puzzles are fairly simple stuff and largely revolve around using the right items in the right places but when combined with the straightforward platforming and shooting action, they help make the game a nicely rounded experience. Galactix is certainly not going to set the world on fire and pales in comparison to the true classic that is Starquake, but if you're looking for a nice bit of relaxing retro fun, you could do worse than check this out. The visuals are quite nice, with some cool alien designs in some gloriously old-school color schemes, while the flip screen scrolling isn't too headache inducing, as it sometimes is in other games from the period. The action is fun and not overly challenging so if you're looking for a nice, laidback time, then take look here.

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