Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

Action 1999 Windows LucasArts Third Person Puzzle based Fighting Adventure

Tomb Raider wannabe

LucasArts have released more than a dozen Indiana Jones games and more than two dozens Star War games, as well as five Monkey Island games. No matter, as long as he makes games that are as good as this one, we don't care. This fantastic adventure is the first entirely 3D rendered Indiana game, and by gameplay and visual appearance looks hell of a lot like Tomb Raider 4. In a race for a mythological Babylonian power source, our hero joins forces with the CIA and collects four pieces of the Infernal Machine, a biblical device that should open a portal to another dimension. While still very fun and great with fantastic graphics and 3D view, I can't help but think about Tomb Raider all the time. It's just too similar. It looks like Lucas was trying for a competition with the famous archaeologist, but forgot that nobody can reach her fame or quality in the gaming world. He should be content with the way things are - Indiana is the strongest on the big screen, while Lara is the main babe in the gaming world. Stil, a great and adventurous game.

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