Dangerous Dave

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox SoftDisk Publishing Platformer

The very first sidescroller that put Dave on the map!

While old and pretty simple, with one screen areas, and with not that great graphics, Dangerous Dave is without doubt a highly interesting platformer/puzzler that will keep you entertained for hours on end. It's got that Dizzy type of construction, with independent screens and with a puzzle in each one. However, it has its own feel and build, and so, it will offer you a very different kind of enjoyment. Still, if you like smart sidescrollers, and don't mind being confined in one screen areas, the game will definitely be one of the best games you try. That is so because it has a style and a feel to it that few other games, at least this old, had. Also, with the series building on top of the ideas that this first game first put on the map, it's an awesome start to the series. So, without a question, having it in your collection is a must. Also, download Dangerous Dave 2, which is just as great and satisfying to sink into, and, for that reason, other games in the series; they are all fantastic retro sidescrollers.

A fun little platformer

Dangerous Dave is a very simple platform game that is similar to the other average ones in terms of gameplay and is very old-school one. Dave must collect 10 skateboard trophie to win the game. He goes from level to level, hopping on platforms and collecting items, and all must be collected to get finish the level. There are monsters and other enemies in your way, and you have to avoid them as much as possible. The game is actually a very typical platformer, a no-brainer but still quite fun. The graphics of the game are very simple which is not unusual for that time. There is no music, only the simplest sound effects when Dave picks up an item and such. Overall, this is a simple platform game with a few witty occurences, a good and fun way to spend and hour or two, but nothing very memorable. But if you liked the game so much you want more, there are various sequels, Dangerous Dave 2, DD 3 and DD 4.

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