Inordinate Desire

Action 1995 Windows Dosbox Croteam Science Fiction Strategic scope

Lack-lustre sci-fi thrills

Despite a name which makes it sound like some kind of bizarre dating game, Inordinate Desire is actually a turn-based strategy game that adds in action elements to make a sort of combination of Laser Squad and Wing Commander. However, while this sounds like it could be an interesting mix of game styles, in reality it's less than enthralling stuff and only for diehard sci-fi and strategy buffs. Players take on the role of commander of a spaceship which has been charged with conquering planets, and gameplay revolves around the tactical elements of laying siege to the unwary. The game is split into rounds, with the first part used to buy units, send ships out on patrol and repair your own vehicles, and with the second part used to actually launch your attack. Once your units are on the ground, you can order them to move out or shoot (but not both), while you can also deploy radar units to help scope out the land and to launch air strikes. Occasionally, your main ship might get attacked while in space so this is where the Wing Commander section comes in, as you must defend yourself by blasting rockets at the enemy. While this could have been a decent game, it's let down by its overwhelming simplicity and its lack of cohesiveness, with the strategy elements lacking in tactical depth or interest, while the action section is so basic as to be barely worth bothering with. The visuals boost things a little but they're not enough to save the game from being pretty much a near total disaster, so you're better off sticking to Command and Conquer for your strategy fix and Wing Commander or Freelancer for the action.

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