Action 2000 Windows Virgin Interactive Science Fiction Strategic scope

Everything a great sci-fi game should be

This game has possibly the coolest name ever but fortunately the title's not the only good thing about Gunlok. It's a hard-edged real-time strategy game set in the far future that provides all the depth and action genre fans could ask for. The background is a sort of Terminator-style nightmare universe where machines are getting ideas above their station and need to be taken down. The player takes control of a hi-tech soldier whose job it is to bring the coming war to an early end. Ironically enough though, you also get handed four robot/mech-style creations to help you out and must proceed through fifteen huge single player levels in the campaign mode or alternatively test your skills in multi-player deathmatch levels, while there is even a two-player co-op option which really adds a great element to the game. All of the characters have a variety of special weapons and abilities and which fulfil roles like healer, scout and tank, while they can all be upgraded with some pretty cool gadgets like scanners and hologram projectors, while things like audio mines can also be equipped to trick your enemies. Gunlok might not be overly original in its concept, but it displays a lot of imagination in its tricks and provides some truly excellent gameplay. The missions are tense and exciting and are backed up by some superb visuals which are atmospheric, detailed and packed with slick effects which really pop off the screen. Audio too is just as impressive with a wide range of tunes and effects that add much to the appeal. Really, if you're in the mood for some tough and gritty sci-fi action, this is tough to beat but be warned, it really is tough to beat as the difficulty level is pretty high. If you're up for the challenge though, you'll enjoy the ride.

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