Action 1998 Windows Cryo Interactive Science Fiction Strategic scope

Sloooow.. But good

UBIK is an action video game that is inspired by the award winning novel with the same name by author Phillip K. Dick (like Neuromancer, another game inspired by a novel). It is set in an alternate reality in which paranormal phenomenon are actually quite common. You control Joe Chip, the novel's protagonist and train combat squads into missions against the Hollis Corporation. The game is only loosely based on the novel, so fans of the book might not feel right at home with this game. It's rather a variation of the book. The game is interesting and playable, but the main objection of the game is that it is too darn slow. Everything is too slow, from movement to the loading time. Unless you have nerves of steel, you will definitely lose your patience waiting for the game to play. What is good about the game is that it does a good job in putting you in the mysterious atmosphere from the book and the questions the book is concerned with. The game has pretty decent 3D graphics with eniable animation and a good voice acting cast that do their job quite convincingly. If you don't mind the too slow gameplay, you will actually have a pretty good time.

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