Lula Virtual Babe

Adult 1998 Windows Take Two Interactive Role playing Interactive

Adult adventure with the famed Lula

Lula's adventures have always been funny/sexual, at times laugh out loud because the developers wanted so, other times involuntarily funny due to unforeseen breakings of the games. This adventure, Lula Virtual Babe, is a bit more straightforward. The lady of the night runs in some troubles with some clients and is thus marked to undergo a journey, a good premise for the developers to sprinkle in a few puzzles and kinky dialogue lines. Lula in this version is not much of a Vixen, graphically. If you want to see more of her, Lula 3D is where you should look for it. This one is ok graphically, as the engine of the game does a good job of bringing her to life, and even sexy, if you like cartoony animations that are provocative, but at any rate, this is not a game to linger upon. It has got some really broken puzzles, which at times can be solved, at times, not. The code is simply unresponsive at times, and you will have to restart the game or reload, though reloading can corrupt your save files. So, a bit fidgety, a bit low budget, Lula Virtual Babe is a game that might offer you a bit of fun, if you can take in a lesser adventure. If not, you will simply have to look at other alternatives, Ultra Vixen, Lula 3D or even the old classic and favorite Leisure Suit Larry. This one is just for the marked fans.

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