Lula: The Sexy Empire

Adult 1997 Windows CDV Role playing Interactive Economic Strategy Managerial

Lula is hot!

Definetely, while playing this game (the video is censored) you will really appreciate Lula's sexuality and the way the developers manage to give her that. She's really the girl that every man would like to have. Moreover the game is not that boring and confusing as reported in the review below. It's quite interesting strategy game, of course filled with a lot of eros, but still a game where you will have to manage opportunely all the resources - well, Lula's body is your resource. Eventually you'll reach levels making Lula one world star.

Confusing Gameplay

To be honest, I didn't expect much from this game. So, after 15 of gameplay, I decided not to try this game ever again. The gameplay is very confusing. It's as if it doesn't know whether or it should a point-and-click adventure game or some kind of date-simulation game. It would like to point out that the developers of the game have included some sexy moments with Lula, which sadly is the only enjoyable thing I have found in the game. What I think that Take-Two Interactive wanted to create a new kind of gameplay. However, it is not executed well and the only way to know how to beat the game is to watch or read someone walkthrough on the internet. Even tough the graphics are pretty good, the sound department has some problems too. There are no voice dialogs that might give some useful hints. Instead, we are forced to read some text which doesn't really help us at all. I know that this review is much shorter that the other ones, but there's not much to say. If you want a Lula game that at least makes sense, you're better of with Lula Virtual Babe.

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