International Bridge Contractors

Strategy 1984 Dos Greystone Software Business

Managing a bridge engineering company

Having been originally released for home computers such as the TRS-80, International Bridge Contractors is a text and math heavy strategy game, which is mostly about the work that goes on inside a bridge contractor, containing the scouting for clients, managing of costs for the development and engineering (design stage) of a bridge and then actually building it. It's a tough, highly intricate and yet playable strategy/simulation, very scarce graphically but with lots of option for the actual strategy options that you should have in such a game. Also, what will most likely impress you is the fact that the game is also competition oriented, as you can play against other 4 players, for a total of 4 players. There are lots of random events also (above 65) that can interfere with your design process, so it's best to be prepared for all sort of contingent situations. Only for the most serious and committed strategists, as well as for those that love bridges! A simpler alternative, if you want a management game can be Constructor, a top down building oriented game, yet much more easy to control.

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