Strategy 1986 Dos Dosbox ariolasoft Historical Business

For those who like business simulations

Building you very own trading empire is something which you must have dreamed of and this game gives you exactly that. It's a fine business simulation which takes you up close and personal with the business worlds. The goal in the game which is obvious is to trade by sending ships loaded with goods and earn money so that you can have your own business empire and can rule the market. The variety of the goods that you can trade is very diverse and the game involves some very strategic elements in the form of market stats, trends, obstacles and future predications which you will have to consider when you go on to trade something. You will also need to invest your money into different projects and also build your own buildings and offices to make your empire go stronger and diverse. The game does not have any opponent and this makes it a must enjoy one with your friends. It's all about how you do business and how to make the right decisions at the right time. The UI is good and the graphics are sufficiently decent. You can easily turn to the stats at any time and can get the desired help.

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