Oil's Well

Strategy 1984 Dos Sierra On-Line Business Building

A different take on that classic Digger recipe

In Oil's Well you play the role of an oil driller, in a 2D sidescroller type presentation. Your main goal is to use the oil mining robotic arm at your disposal to go deeper and depeer in the caves underneath your oil refinery/extraction plant. However, there are baddies all over, which, if touched, will drain one life from you. Have them touch you too many times and it's game over. The game thus, shares that underground caverns exploration that Digger proposed. However, in Oil's Well the baddies are rather faster and more dangerous (as they are more unpredictable) and so the game is rather harder and more frustrating. Certainly, for lovers of arcade type games, Oil's Well will be an alright type experience for a short while, but after a bit the frustration escalates, plus, the levels are not that diverse to keep you playing for very long. Graphically it's 8bit dos with the good and bad, not a lot of colors, not a very high resolution, but nothing to add to the frustration that the game already amasses with the gameplay.

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