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Very interesting multiplayer only strategy game

M.U.L.E. is a very early strategy game, but, instead of threading the long and much walked path of regular wargaming, this title tried and was capable of offering a really novel kind of experience, for the time, and even today, in 2014, it still feels fresh and not that common. So, what the game offers you is a resource management portion, as well as a tactics portion. The thing is that both cooperation, in and between the 4 supported players, as well as rivalry are possible, and so, as an emergent kind of gameplay, you can choose to play a ruse on the other players that you are battling against. So, what M.U.L.E. does is create a very unique and very involving game. The best part is that it all plays like a tactical arcade game, with very few controls, and a minimalist yet alright graphic theme. It's a staple of gaming history and it still keeps water today, which is quite rare. Give it a try, it's easier than it looks, really! Or, alternatively, see Syndicate, another oldies tactics heavy game, just as playable if not more playable.

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