Uprising: Join or Die

Simulation 1997 Windows 3DO Company Tank sim Shooter Action Strategy Sci fi

The developers did a really great job

Uprising: Join or Die is a 1997 action strategy game set in a futuristic world. You play as a soldier fighting the tyrannical and powerful empire that dominates the galaxy. You control the most technologically-advanced robot that can be teleported onto a planet, directly to the battlefield. I was impressed by nearly everything that characterizes this game, especially for the new twist that is brought to the strategy simulator fans. For a game this old, I gotta say the graphics and the general environment were simply stunning, with all the effects and details incorporated. Well, the developers did a really great job! The variety of the weather conditions were also present, giving the game a pleasant image. The sounds are decent, but after a while you will get tired and irritated by the repetitive shooting noise. The gameplay runs smooth, you will fight in snow one mission and then in the tropics. You can command your members of the unit, and as you advance in the game, you will be able to make upgrades on the systems. A map is at your disposal to facilitate your management and sight, and the view is from a first-person perspective. You can gather your friends for a more fun experience with the multiplayer mode! So, try this game immediately!

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