iM1A2 Abrams

Simulation 1997 Windows Interactive Magic Tank sim Military

Make it go boom!

This tank sim is the spiritual successor to the classic M1 Tank Platoon and shares many similarities with its predecessor. It was originally designed to be a true sequel but legal considerations meant that the name had to be changed, although in terms of gameplay it's pretty much what you'd expect. It's not a classic tank sim but if things like Armored Fist 2 are your bag, then you might find some amusement here. As is usual with this kind of thing, the main focus is a lengthy campaign, which sees you travelling around Ukraine, Iraq and Bosnia in an impressively armored fighting machine. There's a pretty decent set of missions to complete, which require you to explore, issue orders to your comrades or follow them from your commanders, and of course, blow stuff up. The whole thing is highly challenging and it's not simply a case of driving around and shooting willy nilly. Instead, you do need to think about your orders and your tactics and which helps to give the game some depth. For the most part, this is a solid tank sim. It's got a reasonable level of complexity that should keep tread heads happy, but a few issues get in the way from making it a must play. Even considering its age, the game doesn't look all that great, with some underwhelming visuals that are lacking in polish. Presentation on the whole is a little lacking, while there are problems with the controls and the AI, with your comrades often not doing what they're told and with the controls requiring a bit of sharp learning. On the whole, not a bad game, but one which is rather specialist in nature.

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