Medal of Honor: Airborne

Action 2007 Windows EA Games War Military FPS Shooter

A great addition to the series

Medal of Honor is a long series of very successful first person shooter games set in the World War 2, with the first game released in 1999 and the latest in 2012. Airborne is just the eleventh game in the series and focuses on the European territory. This game is the first in the series to focus only on paratrooper activity and also the first with a non linear gameplay, meaning that you can start the game anywhere in the map, contrary to other games. Through 6 mission, you travel from North Africa to Rome and finally Germany, killing all kinds of bad guys and destroying buildings and tanks along the way. As in most FPS game, it's most fun when played an an online server against player from around the world or just a group of friends. The graphics are of the highest quality for the time, with crystal clear images and super speed animation and the soundtrack is custom composed for the game and really great. But I think you'll be too busy slaughtering your enemies than listening to the music! With tons of fun, action and excitemet, Airborne is definitely a game Medal of Honor and other FPS lovers should not miss. Thumbs up!

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