Elite Forces: WWII Normandy

Action 2001 Windows ValuSoft Shooter War Military FPS

We will fight them on the beaches!

Like its brother, Navy SEALS, WWII Normandy is a low budget military shooter that offers little in the way of interest to anyone but the most die-hard of genre fans. It's mildly diverting and provides some historical action but it's a long way from the best of the Call of Duty series, Medal of Honor or something like Hidden & Dangerous, and thanks to its short running time, it's not going to keep you going long. The game throws you into one of the most pivotal battles of the war, as American troops belonging to the 101st Airborne Division parachuted behind enemy lines to support Allied troops in their push on Utah beach, in order to spearhead the Allied thrust into mainland Europe. The game throws you into the combat boots of an ordinary grunt who finds himself part of this most vital of missions, and over the course of ten missions, you'll find yourself in a number of deadly scenarios, from facing down German snipers to blowing up Panzer tanks and storming bunkers. The game is very much a traditional FPS, with the usual array of weapons, environments and so on to explore and try out, and for those with an interest in WWII, it might just be worth a look. It certainly scores a few points now for its setting, although the genre was rather crowded at the time of release with similar titles, and there is something to be said for historical shooters. However, it's very obviously a low budget affair, with visuals that are less than stellar and wonky AI amongst other issues. It's also woefully short, so don't expect it to last more than a couple of hours, but while it does, it supplies reasonable but far from classic entertainment.

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