Isle Wars

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Soleau Software Board games Turn based Top down

Neat little strategy game

Perfect for any budding supervillains or politicians with plans for global domination, Isle Wars is a neat little strategy game that resembles Risk and which makes for some challenging but enjoyable gaming. The game takes place in a fictional world, with 46 countries and 9 continents and requires players to simply conquer and dominate their opponents. It makes use of a card-based system but is quite simple in execution, which is one of its main draws, while it is also controlled entirely with the mouse, making it highly accessible. Players can choose which countries to attack, with various considerations to be made before doing so, like the size of your own army compared to theirs. If you can occupy an entire continent, then this obviously provides bonus armies, making it easier to expand your dominion. At the end of every turn, cards are dealt out and which provide various other bonuses, like the ability to bomb another country, protect your own from being bombed, or airlift your armies out of danger. However, throw into the mix random events like revolutions, earthquakes and suchlike, and you have all the makings of a fun little strategy game, which is surprisingly complex but which still retains its accessibility. Graphically, the game is nothing to write home about, with simply a map-based background, but really this isn't that much of a problem. The draw is the gameplay, and here Isle Wars is pretty successful, requiring as it does plenty of strategy and tactical thinking, and providing lots of tense moments. If you're after a straightforward bit of power-mongering, this is a good bet.

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