Blind Wars

Strategy 1992 Dos Soleau Software Board games

Blind Risk!

Blind Wars is a blindfold like Risk game, and the blindfold part comes in the form of not knowing how many armies your enemy controls, nor where these armies are, expect when they attack. Thus, it's a more challenging game, yet not unplayable, a sort of fog of war heavy Risk game, for the more hardcore players of such games! This would be the element of originality; the rest is classic: you control a territory as long as you have an army in it, and you have to control all the territories in order to win. That is done by marching your armies on each parcel, and trying to organize them in a blockade, or, depending on the way they are arranged on the map, in a manner that allows you to control the map better. Of course, given that the enemy armies are not shown on the map, this is harder to do, and you are going to need to use your best judgment, as well as your memory, to find out where they might be headed, in what direction. Blind Wars is also a relatively large game, with maps of over 70 locations, so it can be quite a task, blindfolded, to play the game. But, for hardcore Risk fans is a challenge well worth the risk!

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