Fantasy Wars

Strategy 2007 Windows 1C Company Fantasy Turn based Turn based strategy

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Superb fantasy-themed strategy

The name holds no surprises here: Fantasy Wars is a turn-based strategy set in a fairly traditional fantasy world, where humans, orcs, elves and dwarves do battle against one another in a series of story-driven campaigns. Gameplay is pretty standard for the genre, with battles playing out across hex-based environments which require plenty of tactical thought to win. The environment plays a major part in your strategy and the game really challenges you to think on multiple levels and use everything to your advantage. In a nice touch, all four races are playable, each with their own unique units, heroes and upgrades and with an impressive range of army compositions available, making this a game to return to. There are also elements of RPGs thrown in, with experience points and skills to consider and which allow you to upgrade your army. The game's interface is thankfully slick and fluid, allowing for easy selection of units and rapid manipulation of the many on-screen elements. Graphically too, Fantasy Wars is pretty tasty, with lush environments and armies that are full of character. In fact, the only real downside to the game is its mediocre story, which is dull and forgettable, but this isn't a major drawback and if you're a fan of King's Bounty or Heroes of Might and Magic, this is a great play.

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