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Dull board game experience

Aggravation brings an old-school board game experience to the home computer but unfortunately this is a far cry from the likes of the classic Monopoly, and probably isn't even worth playing on a wet Sunday afternoon. The concept, as with all the best such games, is simple enough and requires you to return your chips back to your home base, after having traversed the game board. All this requires is the rolling of sixes and ones in order to get started and to continue moving, with players moving their piece and jumping over their opponents, while avoiding being sent back to the start. You have four pieces to look after but that's pretty much it for the game and while it supports four players, up to three of which can be controlled by the computer, you're unlikely to find anyone who is willing to play with you, leaving you stuck playing against the computer. While simple is often a good idea with certain games, in this case the simplicity soon becomes wearing and it is quickly apparent that there is not much going on here, with little opportunity for strategy or tactics, as the game is based entirely on luck rather than skill. Things aren't helped by the dull visuals which, while efficient enough, only add to the general air of boredom on display here and serve to reduce any appeal which might have been present. Aggravation is fun for about five minutes but if you can last any longer than that, it would be a surprise, so this is only worth checking out if you really have played every other game in existence and can't find anything else to do.

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