POWER The Game

Strategy 1995 Windows IBM Board games Turn based War

War with strategy

It is a board style turned base war strategy game that has a very interesting theme and a very well-crafted execution of many gaming features. Starting with the plot, the goal you have is to use your strategic and tactical skill to capture the flag that your opponent has. Once you get the flag of your opponent, you will gain their equipment and their units and in this way you will be earing point and rewards to advance on in levels. As you move on and capture more and more flags, you army will built up and you can use them to gain more and more strategic power and can built up you regime. So protect your flag and conquer the flag of your opponent is the basic theme. The game in terms of the graphics is very good and so is the interesting and diverse gameplay which gives a good variety of options. There are different rounds of combats that you will counter in the battles. You will strategize during each combat and will use different items for this purpose. The game has been quite typical with how the combats work out but it is the diversity in the game which is not common. I have also been a fan of Isle Wars and always recommend it.

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