Adventure 1989 Dos Wimsey Co. First person Multimedia novel

Reach the peace of mind

Nirvana is a text adventure game which is played from the first person perspective and involves a fantasy plot. The plot in the game is that the world of Wimsey has been cursed by the evil witch Nirvana. Every month, one poor man is bewitched by the evil and is never to be seen again. Now you have moved to this land and your mission in the game is that you have to take down the evil witch. For doing so, you will explore the land of Wimsey and have to seek for the crystal bell and you have to ring the bell in the presence of Nirvana to save this world. Being a text adventure, you have to give all the directions with text. Use simplified text to give out the directions and the game recognizes more than a thousand words for this purpose. You will also interact with some characters for which you will have to put your text in quotation marks. The Graphics in the game are though not top notch but they seem to be good enough for the adventure theme. The user interface and the controls in the game are also very good. Overall it's a wonderful game and is like Jabato.

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