Adventure 1990 Dos First person Multimedia novel

It's a mad world

There's not exactly a shortage of old-school interactive fiction titles on the market from the famous Zork series to the less well known but equally as enjoyable Jacaranda Jim. This one has more in common with this latter game and if you like your text adventures clever but which don't take themselves too seriously, this is one for you. The basic setup seems like it's going to be overly familiar, with that classic concept of a weird old mansion to be explored and which happens to be laden with secrets. However, while the setup may be familiar, what follows is anything but. The story finds you visiting your grandfather one Christmas, only for him to trapped in a mysterious sleep from which he cannot be wakened. It's up to you to explore the estate, looking for a cure while also keeping your eye on the sinister doctor from next door who seems to have intentions for the property. As you explore though, all sorts of weird and wonderful things get uncovered, not least of which are the particle accelerator in the bedroom, the clockwork shark in the kitchen and the Viking ship in the pond. Humbug really is an absolute treat of an adventure that is more than worth a look whether you're a genre veteran or just curious about the whole thing. The writing is wonderfully witty and rich, with evocative descriptions that really bring this absurd world to life and characters that are just delightfully bonkers. The puzzles too are just as mad but rarely less than clever so if you want to get lost in a surreal world of imagination, then take trip with Humbug.

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