Aventura original

Adventure 1989 Dos Aventuras AD First person Multimedia novel

Spanish adventure, much like the first ever adventure game

While this game surely is much more diverse than Colossal Cave, or The Cave Adventure or, simply, Adventure, a lot of its building blocks stem from this early 70s mainframe computer adventure. Now, what is different, is that La Aventura Original is a Spanish version of this first ever adventure game, which, today, as I noted above is available under many names and available on many different platforms . At any rate, if you were looking for a Spanish version of the cave exploration heavy text based game, this version is it, with lo9ts of additional content that will aid you in playing without issues, a parser that has been adapted to the Spanish grammar rules, plus a tutorial, to teach you how to go about your cave exploration and how to interact with a parser based game, for novices of this genre. At any rate, if you've ever played a game such as Zork it will be impossible to not be familiar with this game. On top of that, La Aventura Original is just as cool and as satisfying to play as any other version of the game, and while it lost some of the abbreviations of text that had become a staple of it, it's still pretty much produced as the original. So give it a try if you're learning Spanish or if Spanish is your Mother tongue. Oh, and almost forget, there are graphical stills in this game, so you have a better idea of how the area in which you roam about looks like!

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