Jack The Ripper

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox GameTek Mystery Horror

Finding Jack the Ripper is your mission!

One of the most notorious criminals in history, Jack the Ripper, is the target of you in this game, and you play a Scotland Yard investigator. Thus, if you wanted to learn about this criminal, you can get a good idea of what he was all about from this game. Sure enough, Jack The Ripper is a game that plays mostly as a Sherlock Holmes inspired adventure, but, nonetheless, it does a great job of it. Your investigative tools, translated to puzzles will offer you the chance to look at murder scenes, collect evidence for later analysis and, of course, get to converse with potential suspects, victims as well as witnesses. It's a nice game, delivered in classic oldschool adventure tradition. You get 2D screens and you need to fulfill the puzzles in there in order to move to the next area. It's also a game that allows you some freedom, so better pay attention to the details, as later on you might depend on these information bits. As good a game as this one can be any of the Police Quest series, if you crave some more modern investigative work delivered in puzzles and adventure style.

Find the America's Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is a great detective game (much like Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes series). The game is set in New York in 1901, where James Palmer, a reporter of the newspaper New York Today, is investigating a set of murders similar to those of "Jack the Ripper" in Whitechapel 13 years earlier. In a Sherlock Holmes fashion, you must find clues and deduct conclusions based around them and finally, solve the crime. While most players will find the gameplay a bit dry and not imaginative, true Sherlock fans will find this ingenious and captivating. The game is played in a point and click fashion, with very good animation and great 3D graphics. There is even voice acting involved and is very convincing and authentic. The game is really brilliantly made. It will certainly provide a great challenge for every mystery game fan and the great graphics and sound effects add to the cool, shady and mysterious atmosphere. Recommended!

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