Jack in the Dark

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Infogrames Third Person Mystery

Toystores are not as fun as you'd think

Most of you don't know that Jack in the Dark is actually a sort of a teaser for the second AITD game because it features the same cool graphics and gameplay but with a distinct story of its own - the game was a very fine way to attract the players to go out and play it. The story of this short game is pretty interesting - it's about a girl called Grace that trapped alone in a toystore (on Halloween, of course( without a way out and she has to face the seemingly cute but very dangerous toys that come to life and endanger her life(Chucky, anyone?) to get out and go home. Basically, she has to save the Santa toy from the main antagonist Jack-in-the-box. This mini-adventure doesn't have any combat but solely relies on puzzles that are simple yet very logical but the by-now-trademark creepy atmosphere of the game might impair your judgment a bit. Although with a different story line, Jack in the Dark retains the same fun and mysterious spirit of the other games and is a great introduction to the continuation of the AITD series.

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