Amber: Journey Beyond

Adventure 1996 Windows Changeling Software Mystery Horror

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Myst like, with story and puzzles that make sense

Sometimes the first game to demonstrate a genre gets all the credit and all the other ones get forgotten once that genre is no longer front and the talk of all gamers. What I'm trying to say is that a definitive classic such as Myst is by no means the highest point in the pseudo 3D exploration and puzzle game, however it gets much of the credit for having invented the genre. But, when you look at it more closely, you find out just how random it actually is. At any rate, Amber: Journey Beyond takes the gameplay principles from Myst, but it cohesively manipulates them to actually tell a coherent story and to embed puzzles that are logical and have a sense of continuity. Other than that, graphically Amber: Journey Beyond feels just as Myst: you will have to explore around, try different puzzles and as long as you unlock some you will be able to continue your journey. The visual theme is well detailed, and the intermediary cinematic sequences are really interesting to look at, making this a game a lot more fulfilling than its brethren. For a similar feel, you might also want to try Benoit Sokal's Amerzone; the engine works is similar and the story is just as good. And maybe, once and for all, truly find an adventure game in the vein of Myst that is actually enjoyable and truly rewarding!

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