SU-27 Flanker

Simulation 1995 Dos SSI Design Tool Military flight

For hardcore flight sim buffs

Take to the skies in SU-27 Flanker, a realistic flight sim that places you in the cockpit of a famous Russian combat plane, and sends you into battle against both ground and air-based enemies. While the game is notable for its realism, authenticity and complexity, all but hardcore sim fans will have much fun here. Set in the Crimea, Flanker gives players the opportunity to participate in numerous pre-defined missions or to create their own via the mission editor, where virtually every element can be tweaked to suit your preferences. Although this is sure to be a major drawing point for flight buffs, the interface is clunky and awkward, rendering designing your own missions more of a chore than anything else. Graphics and sound too are less than spectacular, with flat textures, minimal background detail and dull, droning engine noises. However, for those not put off by such things, Flanker may be worth a play, for when it comes to realistic flight simulation, the game is hard to beat. The enemy AI is tough, the action (when it comes), is tense and exciting and the detail offered renders the game as close as most of us are going to get to flying a Flanker. However, to get to the action, there is a lot of tedium, where nothing really happens and for the average gamer, this is likely to prove a turn off. For hardcore flight sim fans however, this provides exactly what they enjoy and may even be considered better than the benchmark Falcon series.

Russian flight simulator

SU-27 Flanker is a very realistic Russian combat flight simulator (like F-14 Tomcat: Fleet Defender) in which you have control of the famous Sukhoi Su-27 plane in various combat missions. The game is very authentic and realistic in simulating the flight experience and combat with other AI controlled jets. The AI scripting is written very well, making you enemies smarter and the game much more challenging than expected. In the game, you are set in the plane's cockpit and all the all the control labels are in Cyrillic. Good luck with that! You even have a mission editor, which allows you to make your own mission, making the final count almost umlimited. Unfortunately, the game is less than perfect in the visual department. Very grainy with flat textures and simple colors. There is no sound but the jet engines and shooting the enemies. Overall, this is a fantastic simulation game and if you don't mind the bad graphics, you should definitely give it a try.

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