Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theater

Simulation 2000 Windows Microsoft Flight Military Shooter

Let's go for a fly!

This is the sequel to the original Combat Flight Simulator and for anyone who's into intense dogfighting action as seen in F-29 Retaliator or the Longbow games, this should be on your list of games to play. It's accessible enough to appeal to genre newcomers but doesn't lack the detail that veterans crave and when you add in the fine graphics and range of options, you're left with an enjoyable combat sim. You can choose to fly in either the US or Japanese air forces, taking on single missions or joining extensive, branching campaigns. You've also got a wide range of classic aircraft to try out, such as the P-38, Zero and Hellcat, while there's the usual set of missions to try out, including escort duties, bombing runs and so on, and which will test your skills to the max. In the options, you can tweak the level of detail quite significantly, so if you just want to blow stuff up, go for it, but if you want as realistic an experience as possible, you've got it. As a combat flight sim, this is very much an enjoyable effort. The game gets the mixture of accessibility and realism just right, while the sheer range of missions to fly is another big appeal. They're challenging but rarely less than enjoyable, with lots of intense action alongside the more immersive flying solo sections. The physics and damage models are well done, while the visuals are detailed and appealing, with lots of things to enjoy while you're zooming around. All in all, for anyone curious about the genre, or those who know it well, this is an excellent choice.

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