JauntTrooper - Mission: Thunderbolt

RPG 1994 Other MegaCorp International Top down Strategic scope

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Original roguelike, Sci Fi themed

There are lots of rogue likes out there. One of my favorites is the very simple and yet so enthralling The Binding of Isaac, a really modern take on what roguelikes can be like. And JauntTrooper is even more oddball a roguelike, as it has you immersed in a Sci Fi world, a theme that is not as usual for this genre. At any rate, what you might not enjoy is the rather undeveloped interface: all the menus and all the controls and text based aids did not get a more creative visual theme, instead they were just left vanilla, so the game looks a bit disjointed. But there is a lot of variety, both in the possible worlds, the items, the encounters and so on. So, with that in mind prepare for a nice, modern tinged Roguelike, which, while not polished is however a nice overall experience, especially if you don't mind a rougher around the edges type deal. What it reminded me of is the Sword of the Stars: The Pit, which, while not randomly generated, is nevertheless similar in its tone and, given that it is produced organically, a bit more story driven as well.

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