Superhero League of Hoboken

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox Legend Entertainment Strategic scope Science Fiction Adventure Puzzle Sci fi

Simply hilarious and also gives action

This is an adventure RPG game with zany adventure and a wacky plot which has always been the hallmark of this developer. They always try to incorporate the element of fun in every game they make and also bring a lot of humor to the gameplay. The plot with this game is that you are the leader of a league of super heroes and you lead them on various missions to gain the stardom. All the missions in the game are very unique and involve some very funny characters and elements. To give you an idea of the humor, you can use some superpowers which are very hilarious e.g. look through pizza box and use the objects in the kitchen as weapons to fight against the enemy. You will have to collect various items at every level as they will help you to unlock the next mission. If you miss on some items, you will have to go back and track them out. The game also involves some tricky puzzle scenarios and some very cheesy and catchy dialogues. The graphics are also very good and so is the music but it is the humor element in the game which I liked the most. Try it out and then go for Waterworld because you will also enjoy that one.

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