Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Jay Jay Earns His Wings

Puzzle 2002 Windows The Learning Company Education

Educational game for kids

If you're a fan of this cartoon series you're going to like to help Jay Jay in this edutainment title. The game is fun and interactive and is based on a well-known cartoon series that involves some very good and finely animated aircraft. You will basically play here as an aircraft which is only a few practice missions away from its official flight and these practice missions are very diverse and competitive. You have to make this plane go through all these missions so that it can ultimately go for its ultimate launch. However it is not easy as you think because the plane will go on various missions where it has to collect various packages and go through different obstacles on the way. The game will also involves some puzzle solving and role playing elements. To give you an example, the plane will not be able to land on runway which has patches of holes. You will first have to fix it through collecting items. The controls in the game are very simple as it involves point, click and pick gameplay. The user interface in the game is also very simple and interactive and it allows you to interact with the gameplay very easily. The music is also good and the game is overall a lot of fun. Piano is another fun and interactive game which you will really love.

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