Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain

Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox The Learning Company Education Math or logic

Find the magic mountain and retrieve the treasure

Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain is one edutainment game in the famed Super Solvers universe. Now, while many of the games in the series were delivered without a lot of backstory, this one is not as such. In here, you find out that a baddie called The Master of Mischief has stole the treasure of the land and has thus managed to hurt and grieve a lot of other people. Therefore, with Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain you will get a lot of different puzzle screens, all that look like a classic adventure game; the educational element is still focused on math, but also, this game is much more of a classic point and click adventure, rather more interested in allowing you to have a good time, than serving you some important math lesson or otherwise. Also, taking away a little from the game, is the fact that you will repeat some of the challenges, though at higher difficulty, and thus, there aren't a lot of puzzles to begin with. Yet, it's still got that good educational vibe, and all in all, I think preschoolers will like it.

Learn numbers and find treasure

The Learning Company has released a lot of very good education games, the most famous being games from the Super Solvers series, and this game is the first in the franchise and one of the absolute bests. In a familiar fun way, this game is aimed at kids from age of 5 to 9 and teaches them about math and numbers in a very fun and entertaining way. It even manages to subtly implement math lessons in a way the kid doesn't even understand that it is learning! The game is constructed as a platform game with lots of puzzles that are actually math problems which must be solved in order to advance in the game. The kids will certainly be motivated to solve those problems, because the hidden treasure is just straight ahead, and they will do anything to get their reward! The graphics of the game are very colorful and detailed, although a lot outdated when compared with today's standards. There will never be a series of games that will be better and more efficient in edutainment than the Super Solvers series, and this game truly proves that point with a bang.

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