Super Solvers: Gizmos And Gadgets

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Well designed edutainment

Super Solvers: Gizmos And Gadgets takes the cake for being able to dress up the educational bits in the clothes of an actually enticing gamers' game experience. What I mean by that is that the game has platforming, has sidescrolling, has puzzles and has some other classic game mechanics, ways through which many of the educational material is delivered. Yep, it's like a Trojan horse for education, for learning math, physics concepts, logic, cause and effect and more. But, from the standpoint of a gamer it's also fun, actually enticing fun, which many other games of this sort kind of get wrong. Plus, graphically it's clean and it doesn't feel compelled to introduce some cheese cartoon character in there, just for extra hype or whatever, nope it's happy enough just to deliver the minigames and puzzles in environments that are just great for the game, for the interactivity and ability to focus. The entire series has this game design philosophy, which is why I advise you try other titles as well, for you or your growing toddler or kindergartner. The entire series is well put together.

Education sometimes is fun!

Super Solvers: Gizmos And Gadgets is an educational science computer game designed by The Learning Company. This is one of the few games that feel both entertaining and educational, which is quite hard to pull off. The game offers no overall storyline, but that wasn't a problem. The game revolves around solving puzzles and racing (somewhat). The main objective of the game is to win a total of 15 races in different vehicles (these could be cars, blimps etc.). However, you have to move around different warehouses to find different parts for your vehicle and doing this implies puzzle solving. The game get harder as you progress and, for me, it doesn't offer an unfair challenge. The puzzles aren't hard to solve, unless you have no idea about physics. The warehouse where the parts are kept is a maze-like building through which the player must navigate. There are multiple levels and the only ways to travel between them are to be blown by vents, jump off springboards, or jump off trampolines (to move up) or to walk off a ledge (to move down.) There is also a "front" (where the player can see the whole warehouse and few boxes are generally visible) and a "back" (which is a small portion of the front where the majority of boxes are). The graphics and sound are both great. Overall, if you're looking for a good educational game, try this one out!

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