Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Christmas Chronicles

Action 1998 Windows Epic MegaGames Platformer

The same Holiday Hare 98 version with a new player character

The main addition of this version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is that it brought forward a new player character, Lori, a fast and interesting addition, that expanded the already good cast of the Holiday Hare version of the game. But, other than that, nothing else is changed. You will have to manage your way through the Sonic inspired fast paced mazes, and while at it, make sure that you collect as much as possible of the loot sprinkled all over. To be fair, however, the game's main selling point was the fact that offered a similar but very original take on the fast paced run downs of the above mentioned classic. Nope, the game is not that fast paced, but instead it also has areas that will require you to tackle them methodically, rather than twitch fast. But, at any rate, knowing what the best road to take is and anticipating what comes next is what makes this game stand out, is what makes it so interesting. You might want to try other great games in the Jazz jackrabbit series, but if you are anticipating the winter celebrations, the snow filled scenarios of this game, Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Christmas Chronicles will unmistakably take you to a jolly state.

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