Jazz Jackrabbit CD-ROM

Action 1994 Dos Epic MegaGames Platformer

A classic among platformers

Jazz Jackrabbit is a fantastic side scrolling shooter game that should be set as an example just how a good shooter game should look and play like. The main hero is our Jazz Jackrabbit, who moves with the speed of light, armed with a big gun, and has to eliminate all foes that stand in his way. He collects carrots (because that's what rabbits eat) and other various items as he goes from one fantastically designed level to the next, jumping over platforms and other terrains, all in crazy, delirious fun. Jazz Jackrabbit is a very fast paced game, since Jazz moves very quickly and all of it is over before you know it. His guns get upgrades as the game progresses, but his enemies are a lot tougher for him to handle. The game is very fun, very dynamic and very, very good. The graphics are very nice and detailed, with a lot of nice coloring and very original level design. Surely, after all this years, next to the game Claw, this is THE best platformer I have ever played.

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